Rummy Rose Burlesque

Growing up with a dance background but wanting to branch out from classic productions, this blue-haired wild child became a member of the worlds only Punk Rock Can-Can troupe, The Can-Cannibals, when she was 19. They were known for putting on underground Punk Rock Cabarets in Oakland, CA and her involvement with the troupe is what avalanched her into Burlesque in 2010.

After relocating to Portland and continuing to dive into the Burlesque community, Rummy has been known for her dark lady style and wicked sense of humor.  She is a core member of productions such as Sign of the Beast Burlesque, Black Lodge Burlesque, Pee Wee’s Burlesque house and has traveled across the country to perform in New Orleans, Hawaii, Seattle and San Francisco.

A long with being a trained dancer, Rummy is also well versed in costuming, prop making and headpieces. She has been a licensed cosmetologist since 2005 and always brings killer hair and make up to the stage and photo shoots. While incorporating elements of classic burlesque Rummy has continued to use her performance art, dance background, hair, make up and costuming skills to express her love of punk, metal, rock and roll and pretty much everything dark, “weird" and unconventional.